Elizabeth and Nicholas Mahmood


Elizabeth and Nicholas are the founders and owners of the powerful ecocentric brand ‘Green Source Gardens’. They began their cannabis growing in the days of the Oregon medical system, growing plants for patients and eventually dispensary sales. From the beginning the couple have remained true to their mission and passion for managing land with a focus on ecosystem health and well being for all life. They have successfully guided their ecoconscious business into a new era of commercial production in the recreational market of Oregon and this has helped awaken a movement in regenerative focused polyculture based agriculture that depends solely on living systems and close-loop farming practices.

Their love and dedication to integrating the wildness of the landscape into their gardens has inspired many to explore the potential of unconventional agricultural systems. They reside on their 80 acre farm in southern Oregon and enjoy the lifestyle of living at home, eating nutritious homegrown meals, caring for animals, and growing healthy ecodynamic gardens. Sharing this process with the world via Instagram, their GSG Farmcast podcast, presentations, and other media has become influential in the evolution of cannabis and its possibilities as a new ecologically driven crop that fully expresses its potential when partnered with the design of nature. It is their commitment to always nurture humanity’s connection to the greater ecosystems of earth.


Jesse Long

sales & Operations Coordinator|earth care apprentice

Jesse began his relationship with cannabis in earnest as a student at the University of Oregon in Eugene, and was fortunate to be able to develop that connection without legal, parental or employment ramifications. He was presented an opportunity to become a budtender at a medical dispensary in his hometown of Bend, and spent a year and a half learning all he could and sharing it with whomever would listen. 

Despite cherishing the direct connection to the consumers in his community, he was presented an opportunity to work more directly with the plant by moving into a support role for an outdoor cannabis grow. He spent the first year of OLCC licensed cannabis establishing the Standard Operating Procedures for a warehouse facility that received over 2,000 lbs of cannabis from the company’s outdoor cultivation licenses. These procedures included: curing, manicuring, pre-rolled joint creation, METRC tracking, submitting for laboratory analysis, and preparing the product for distribution by the sales team

While he had his hands on all the dried cannabis he could handle, he yearned for a relationship with the living plant. He was offered an opportunity to work for an aeroponic cannabis start-up in Puerto Rico, and so he left his Oregon home for the tropics. Jesse was primarily responsible for understanding regulatory requirements, forecasting political outcomes, conducting market analysis, and authoring educational and operational documents. That role came to a close when hurricane Maria devastated the Caribbean. The considerable logistical issues that already existed became unsurmountable, and he found himself back in Oregon.

Jesse had been aware of Green Source Gardens since his days as a budtender, having sold their flower in that capacity and following their journey on platforms like instagram throughout his cannabis career. He had briefly met Nicholas and Elizabeth a couple of times, and resonated strongly with the simple truths at the heart of their ecologically oriented ethos. Uncertain of his future, but wanting desperately to be involved in cannabis in the least profit-motive way possible, Jesse sent the right email at the right time. He started his sales role in January of 2018, and he is grateful beyond words for this opportunity.


Chad and Lea Worcester


Chad and Lea share a long past of roaming America for work and home. Meeting in LA in the film industry they began their partnership and lives together. Working in various forms of media production and innovation they had their kids and moved where the work took them. Settling for a substantial time in the mid-west the two watched their kids blossom into eccentric adults. Their oldest Ben, went East to Boston for school and to eventually settle in New York City. While their youngest Elizabeth went West to Oregon for school and to work as a wildland firefighter.

Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine 8 years later they would be selling their house in Minnesota to be moving once again, this time to come west and find land with Elizabeth and her partner Nicholas to start a cannabis farm.

After several rocky years of struggling to make ends meet and figuring out how to navigate the undulating regulations of the newly hatched cannabis industry the team found footing on a 2 acre homestead in the hills of the Rogue Valley. Growing veggies and running the local farmers market provided a spring board for the business to begin and then thrive.

The couple continue to live at the original location of the Green Source Gardens medical grow in Jacksonville, Oregon. Happily tending the gardens, helping maintain the business and enjoying the golden years of their lives with the pride of being at the foundation of an exemplary ecocentric brand in the wild unpredictable world of the legal cannabis industry.