Education and information sharing is at the core of our mission here at Green Source Gardens. We wish to empower people with the information and inspiration to explore gardening and land care with a regenerative mindset. We want to turn alternative growing practices into mainstream knowledge! Here are some resources to expand your understanding of what regenerative land care looks like and how it works!


A Polyculture Paradise by Andrea Sparr-Jaswa

Mother Earth will heal us all if we let her. Caring for the home we’ve inherited is not a part-time project and the folks behind Green Source Gardens have committed their lives to bringing life back into places where it has been stolen. They are “stewards of the soil;” nurturing the ecosystem as a whole to ensure the vitality of the diverse inhabitants, and rehabilitating the land in the process.


Pinkleberry Paradise by Allie Beckett

Tucked in a secluded valley of Southern Oregon, between luscious rolling hills and the winding back forest roads of Wolf Creek, lies the dare-I-say magical garden of Green Source.


No-Till Farming: Secrets to Success by Jillian Kramer

Organic growing practices are becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis industry, and one key component of that movement could be converting to a no-till farming method…


Pretty in Pink by Caitlin Podiak

Green Source Gardens grows luscious, pink outdoor cannabis from seed using sustainable cultivation techniques.

Amidst the forested foothills at the junction of the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges, a steeply terraced hillside garden sits resplendent with row after row of dazzlingly vibrant cannabis in magnificent full bloom…

pinkleberrykush (2).jpg

Closed Loop Cannabis by Benjamin Hoopes

Driving through a lush forest of what looks like a tropical mountain paradise, the sky is hazy. But the haze is not from mist, its smoke from wildfires. And I’m not in the tropics, I’m in southern Oregon, heading toward the farm at Green Source Gardens, a licensed medical marijuana producer.


Casting a wide net for the sake of diversity by Nick and Liz Mahmood

What the world needs now is diversity—on all levels and in every way. From ecosystems to genetic diversity in all species—micro to macro. Our culture as humans will become stronger as we embrace the idea of diversity and move in a direction that appreciates the full spectrum of genetic potential.


The Probiotic Life Podcast with Ben Klenner

Nick Mahmood and family run Green Source Gardens, which is a legal cannabis farm in Southern Oregon. They are committed to creating rich diversity in their soils, and growing the highest quality medicine possible. They promote agricultural practices that not only provide results, but also heal and build soil.